Perfectly stylish in the summer! With modern pleaser high heels, you are well equipped. Here you will find the most beautiful and beautiful summer shoes in the coming season. Whether with rhinestones or a large loop: affordable sandals designers have no limits in your work. Also in terms of comfort, sandals convince the entire line. Due to high quality materials, pleaser sandals not only have a fantastic appearance, they are also synonymous with comfort.

There are different types of heels

There are different types of shoes, for example: lace sandals and thick heels. Originally a high heel shoe with a thin sole with or without heels. This shoe is called "décolletée" because it reveals its feet.

Etymologically, the name comes from the Italian Scarpino (small shoe), which comes from Scarpa (shoes). Today, the term generally refers to women's high heels shoes. In Quebec, the term "sandals" refers to another type of shoe, the term termed "high heels".

When the boot is a kind of all-female shoe pleaser since the twentieth century, the first dressed maid was forced to hold the feet together to keep the shoe in place. Originally flat and light, sandals were basically. In the middle of the fourteenth century, this name was actually given to these high heel shoes for women, because they make noise as he walks, resembling growing earth. During Restoration and under Louis Philippe, it is worn by men and women for the bullets in a painted model and lined with silk braid. The elegant-looking sandals pleaser appeal to women in the 18th century decorated with lace and ribbons, and creatively add a heel.


During World War II, restrictions prevent the authors from finding the materials traditionally used for stilettos. New unused materials such as cork or plastic replace the heel of the heel. In the early 1950s, heel sandals arrived in Italy. The shoe is first used in France in 1947 during a Christian Dior fashion show. This type of shoe becomes one of the most important features of the New Look silhouette, confirming femininity and emphasizing the elegant silhouette of the models. The two-tone version of Chanel and Massaro is very popular. In the following years, Jackie Kennedy decided to combine all high heels sandals with their pleaser sandals. The shoe, subject to prestige and high social position, is quickly bred by many first ladies. In the 1960s, doctors accused high heels of the negative effects on the back of all diseases. This type of women's shoes is neglected in favor of flat sandals recommended by feminists. The shoe quickly loses its prestigious image, especially because it was used by the managers. About thirty years later, in the 1990s, he is back in the fashion world. The French, the largest consumer of footwear in Europe, buys on average six pairs of shoes per year. In 2005, 105 million stilettos were sold worldwide. Today's high heels are popular among such famous artists as Salvatore Ferragamo and Charles Jourdan.

With fashionable pleaser high heels you make a contradiction

Cheap women's shoes for the new season

With fashionable pleaser sandals you make a contradiction, because for the summer season, light and cheap shoes are a must-have. In addition, fashionable sandals can be used on almost any occasion. This women's shoe is a great choice for many events, whether for recreation or for reputable occasions. Sandals go for both long pants and summer dresses. This shoe is perfect for completing the summer outfit of the new season. We thank you for your interest in our cheap summer shoes and we wish you much pleasure in your future pleaser purchases!

Pleaser playful and feminine

As the summer approaches, you should finally decide to empty the domestic shoe rack and use shoes that are much more airy than the ones you have worn before. Looking for the perfect symbiosis between a sandal and an elegant high heel shoes? So take a look at our online store! Sandals you find here will not let anything be desired and will surely inspire you with its high quality and trendy design.

Enjoy the summer - in Pleaser high heels shoes

At this time, you have the free choice of fashionable sandals of different shapes, colors and styles. Find your favorite leather, synthetic and stylish textile model in a variety of shades, and make your look very personal and unparalleled for the summer. Of course, it doesn't matter if you want to wear sandals that are chosen for a high-end occasion or rather plan a summer shopping trip through the city. Our sandals are perfect for any occasion.
Sandals skillfully combined

Sandals in our collection are specially designed for the summer. This means that they not only guarantee good comfort even without socks or socks, but they can also be combined optimally with the most popular summer look. Wear our sandals with casual shorts, bright summer dresses or feminine long skirts and fully enjoy the warm days. The best way to do this is simply to get an idea of ​​the rich selection, then decide after a thorough review of your highlights among the sandals offered here. We wish you much fun with your new favorite Pleaser summer shoes!

High heels shoes are stylish companions in the summer

Summer time is the time for high heels! Finally, we can shine the sun on our feet and shine with nails that are well maintained in sandals. In addition to the sun and a delicious ice cream, they are indispensable for the hottest time of the year. Especially popular models are described as versatile, elegant and comfortable. The pieces are versatile, fashionable models that are interpreted over and over again. Some designs are simple and flat, others go up a paragraph with a paragraph. Because you also wear high heels shoes and the trendy pieces are often colorful or sharp, you will be assured of a fantastic performance. The overall version contains at least as much detail as its flat counterpart, sandals. At the same time, it works warmer (leg) lengths. Popular shoes represent freedom, style and timeless chic. The classic models are leather models that will follow many summer worshipers and will be a blessing to your feet because they are incredibly comfortable and airy. Solid models are very easy to combine and are always a good idea. Whether on birthday party, noisy shopping or at work. Fans of rugged design choose sandals in unusual and innovative variations in colorful rainbow colors, or with beautiful ornaments. Fans of strong variations must certainly buy a pair of platform sandals. Thanks to the plateau, even high heights are no problem and you do not have to go without high wear. Only one thing remains: the endless pain of choosing between sandals with heels and closed shoes.

High heels are available in completely different styles

Summer is coming and you're looking for the perfect companion? PLEASER online store is the best place to go if you are looking for fashionable and high quality sandals. You will find a wide variety of different types of sandals. Delicate stiletto heels cling to the foot with thin straps and discrete curls. They are available in vibrant summer colors such as orange, which are especially suitable for already tanned skin. Cut sandals give a little more material. Here and there the skin flashes between the top of the shoe. This look is very elegant and complemented, for example by a golden zipper on pastel shades. In addition to these models with delicate and sensual details, there are also models with several concrete shapes. With square heels platform variants, the focus is on the heel, which perfectly complements casual jeans outfits, like the trendy look of cork. It gets even more casual with sneaker style models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with bright and colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under the top or the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With heeled sandals you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven floors are not an obstacle to this variety shoe. It gets even more casual with sneaker style models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with bright and colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under the top or the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With high heels sandals you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven floors are not an obstacle to this variety shoe. It gets even more casual with sneaker style models. The characteristic raffia sole combines well with bright and colorful outfits, where the bikini is already standing under the top or the luminous t-shirt floats in the soft summer wind. With heeled sandals you can walk along the beach safely, because uneven floors are not an obstacle to this variety shoe.

Set a liberty: with the big high heels

The purchase of high heels has become an emotional experience and elegantly complements all the outfits of women's fashion. "Today, we are more likely to sell a world of emotions than just shoes," said Francis C. Rooney, former chief of a large corporation. Sandals represent the freedom, brightness and summer feel of the feet. You can combine them for something and they are not wrong for some reason. That's what makes sandals so attractive. The ankle strap is a special style factor for piece models: The thin strap around the ankle cuff gives the delicate shoe more grip on the foot and adapts it at the same time as an ankle. In general, the pieces are a mix of details: Find your favorite pieces between metal applications, velvet fabrics, sharp or angular shapes, asymmetric lines, efficient prints, fringes and loops. Colors in the evening are of course also in classic black, not only in stylish style with stiletto, but also with a profiled square heel and an ankle belt sought. Dance these amazing heels with elegant shorts or a chiffon dress or let them take you for a cocktail party. Choose according to your mood, but always keep a well maintained foot in these airy parts. At PLEASER you can meet for hours of reflection.

Shoes for women with high heels online - unsurpassed for the summer

In the world of women's shoes, sandals with heels are the shoes of choice for spring and summer. Sandals are a special type of sandal that women like to wear because they have a heel.

Sandals are not just shoes, they are also a fashionable accessory and a faithful companion. They emphasize your appearance in a variety of styles. They are also airy, quite fashionable and give you a feminine touch.

With heeled sandals, comfort should not be overlooked. Strappy heels give the forefoot and ankle a stable fit. Looking forward to, you can find new shoes in the local department as well as online and always this year's trends. Stylish high heels sandals like Tamaris, Rieker or Marco Tozzi are available at competitive prices - as well as more sporty models from Cityline Women, Tom Tailor, Caprice and Esprit.

The right plateau sandal with heels for every occasion

Heel Shoes for Women with High Heels Online are perfect for a long day at the office or for shopping. They are comfortable but always more elegant than sandals without heel or mule. They also give you a unique summer feeling. Even on the hottest days, your feet, often hidden in shoes and closed socks, you get enough fresh air and sunshine. Platform sandals with heels are available with different heights: Depending on the model you choose, you can use it every day or in the garden or for a good dinner. Pleaser offers women's sandals in the following sizes:

    Size 36
    Size 37
    Size 38
    Size 39
    Size 40
    Size 41
    Size 42

High Heel Sandals

In recent years, creative designers have not only designed sandals, but also a high heels sandal that has proven itself on footwells and red carpets in the world. Sandals with black heels are particularly elegant; especially on hot summer days, but it can also be a light white variant. The ladies are not only thrilled, but they love these summer variants of pumps and high heels.

How to combine your women's shoes with heels

The training is for goblet sandals and wedge sandals. They go well with casual denim skirts, colorful summer dresses or tight jeans that are 7/8 length.

Stylish, narrow, high heel sandals and sparkling items are perfect for summer parties. Heeled sandals that shine in shiny silver or shiny gold are particularly fashionable. You can also combine a knee-length skirt or an elegant leather leggings with an elegant shirt or blouse.

You can also, at any time, attract more discreet models with lower heel height in the office. Combined with a suit or trouser pack, you get a very elegant outfit that doesn't look exaggerated.

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